Cordless Handsets

Gigaset S4
OpenStage SL4
Gigaset M2

Gigaset Professional and Open Stage Mobile Cordless Phones

Alongside the system-specific table-top telephones, it is also possible to opreate cordless phones with HiPath and OpenScape systems.
These cordless phones will ensure your employees can be reached at all times and any location on your company premises.
Gigaset S400 Features
  • Coverage: In the open up to 300m. In Buildings up to 50m
  • Ringer function between base station and handset or handsets
  • Direct call transfer possible between the handsets
  • Direct call transfer: calls can be from one handset to another handset
  • ECO DECT Mode
  • Logon on of up to six handsets
  • Free internal calls between handsets